Friday, September 14, 2007

The End of the Beginning

An update for the week! Happy happy joy joy!
I'm as glad as you are that the week is done. I'm ready to move on.
But as I'm sure you know, managing a house of 8 sims isn't a walk in the park. Yep, I'm back to the original house.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled mayhem.

Cute, isn't it?

Sometimes I wonder why my boy married that woman.
That's not very nice, Rosemary.
She's a sweet woman, but she's quite different from us.
You're right about that. *coughshe'sfuncough*

Roger certainly hasn't been the same since he hit his head at Jane's house. He's a lot louder. He sleeps more, but he has the strangest whims. He asked to paint my portrait today.

I was quite embarrassed,
But he did really well. It's fantastic! It's now hanging on the wall, along with a portrait of him I painted in return.

I just wish he'd closed his mouth. Oh well. I feel like I'm really leaving something behind to remember us by.
This house? This legacy of women? That doesn't count?
Later, the children are home now.

Wow. Congratulations James! You're already at level 8!
Yes, won't be long now before I am Captain Hero.
Just like your sister-in-law's husband, before his career ended in disgrace. Just remember this: You majored in philosophy, not physics.
Why should I remember that?
Take my word for it.
Welcome home, kiddos. We got the birthday message last time, so today you two get to be big.
Congratulations Annette. There's no reason right now for you to further yourself in your career. Besides, you need to spend more time with your kids. Oh hi Brittany Noelle.
You do know that I've been stuck on my way to work for a while now, right?
I know, but I've got to get to Bella first.
And that will be when?
When I've finished with the Greens.
There are four more houses of them.
What can I say? They're my kids.
I'd better be getting a promotion when I get back.
We'll see.

But it looks like we've got another visitor.
Sarah! How are you sweetie? Wait, who'd you come home with?
Frankie. Are you that lady Mommy talks to?
Well, yeah.
I can't talk to you.
Why not?
Daddy gave me a list of people I can't talk to, and you're on the list.
Oh Danny, you forget who you're dealing with. Well, I'm not gonna get you in trouble. Go on then. We'll deal with Danny next round.
*sigh* And they would be first cousins. I need new blood in the game.
I gotta go, Daddy'll be worried.
He's probably not even home, but if you insist...
*thinking* Frankie's lots of fun.
He's in close running with Sam for my favorite gen 3 kid. But there's a more important event afoot.

Time for my fave set of twins from gen 3 to grow on up. Go, go, go!

Happy birthday Elaine! What's with that pose, young lady?
Happy birthday Edward! You look surprised. *giggle*

Well, you're not the only one.

Nooooooo! Whyyyyyyyyy! Oh and Elaine rolled it too.
Well, that's doable. Unlike your cousin... Oh and Edward rolled it too.

What are you all laughing about?
Oh Elaine, that's nasty. You're acting like my sister. You two, go on and get your teen regalia.

Elaine, you're supposed to be checking out cell phones, not boys!
So, yeah, I couldn't stop her. But this pic is for a different reason. Recognize this guy?

And Edward ran in and out. And then ran here. I'm sure you're not old enough to be at the bar yet.

Um, hi. Can you get me a date?
I offer a service, miss. Therefore I must be paid for my services rendered.
Um, here's my change from getting my cell phone. Will this work?
Um, you're kidding, right?
Fine, kid. You get what you pay for. And since you're cheap, that's what your date will be.
Uh lady, that's a...girl. I'm straight, I thought I told you that.
Um, I'm sorry, what's your name?
Yeah, Mal, there was a colossal mistake, you probably want to go home.
And that is the end of the chance card drawn on my lot: Get a cheap date. The fact that it stayed ok was amazing.

Well, my other boys have gotten their A+'s. Now they'll stop pestering me.
Rosemary? Freddie's in front of you.

Oh hi Digi.
Who invited you here?
And here I thought he was the shy one.
Mom's getting annoyed that you're not back yet.
I have a life besides watching you all, y'know. You tell her that.

I have nothing to say to you. You made your bed, now lie in it.
But Daddy, I need your help!
As I said, you made your bed. When you decided to walk away from your family, you made your choice. Now don't call here again.
But Daddy-

Wow James, I haven't seen you at that chess board since you were a little boy.
Yeah, fortunately I remember my game. Dad's helping me gain logic for another promotion.
What are best friends for? Your move, Gabe.
How hard did Dad hit his head, Miss Fini?
It was pretty hard.

Uh, Gram, why'd you turn off the TV?
It's time that you and I had a heart-to-heart. I've seen you grow up into a fine young man. Why do you want to throw your life away?
Oh, he's not throwing his life away. He'd be doing that if he wanted 20 lovers.
*wide eyed*
Calm down, he doesn't. Don't keel over for my sake, please.
You can do that?!
Oy. *facepalm*

I'm glad you agreed to play with me. I know this isn't usually your thing.
Well, since I never see you anymore, I figured I'd join you in your pursuit of whatever you learn from this game.
*whispers* It's logic.
*sigh* You're right. We should get away. A long vacation on the beach. Reconnect.
Oh that sounds divine. We should. When?
Well, I don't feel right leaving my parents alone with the kids, no matter how docile Lainey and Eddie are or how tough Mom and Dad are. Especially with his concussion.
You're right. *sigh* For now I'll just dream of white sand and beautiful beaches.

Uh, hi Annie, it's me.
What do you want?
*sigh* Can I talk to my brother?
Why'd you call my cell?
I, uh, didn't want to wake my parents.
Uh-huh. What makes you think he wants to talk to you? What makes you think I want to talk to you?
This is important.
I'll bet, cheater. *click* She has some nerve.

I heard about Jane and her...
Oh. That. I wasn't planning on telling you that.
Well, good thing she called me then.
My God Jane. What were you thinking?!
I wasn't, I know. But I need help. I don't know how long my money's gonna last, and Daddy won't even acknowledge I exist. *sobbing*
*looks around* I think I can help you. Come by Sunday night, around 11. I've gotta go now. I love you.
I love you too Mom.

Another promotion! You may just reach your LTW before the end of the week.
Yep. I'm almost there!

Wow. I forgot you two were going to grow up. I guess I have to kind of talk to you two tomorrow. Oh well.
Frankie: What are you talking about?
Freddie: Who, me?
Frankie: No, the lady Mommy told us to ignore.
Hey! I'm going to have to have a talk with your mother. Since you're talking to me now, happy birthday tomorrow.
Frankie and Freddie: Thanks!

*chokes* What? *checks relationship panel* THREE BOLTS!? *faints*

*recovers* What'd I miss?
Hey Rosemary, I think I can see Freddie from here!
Impossible, dear. Sundry Station Elementary is on the other side of town, and there are houses between here and there.

And now for my other twins to grow up.

Happy birthday Frankie!
Happy birthday Freddie!
Wow, you look like your father.

Franklin Wellington, Family Aspiration.
Frederick Wellington, Pleasure Aspiration.

Spring has sprung and love is in the air...

What are you doing Elaine?
Using this thing that's supposed to build my cleaning skill.
Aren't you being industrious?
Nah, I just want out of here. Mom and Dad are all over each other, and don't even get me started on Gram and Gran. *shudder*

My poor son is exhausted. Maybe he should take a less stressful job.
Don't worry about him Rosemary. This is his dream. He'll be fine, I predict tomorrow.

What'd I say? Congratulations James Wellington, aka Captain Hero.
I got pro-mo-ted! I got pro-mo-ted!

Hello Mrs. Turner.
Oh, soon to be Bruenig? Wait, that name sounds familiar...
Not related to Marsha? Okay.

And the older teens are skilling like mad, trying to make their deadline.
Can we go now, please?
But Eddie-
He's a bum! Let us go, please!
Oh, alright. He'll just have a harder time of life.
Very nice. No wonder you were raring to go!
Still a nice chunk of change. He'll just be in the gym all of college.

Time for Lainey and Eddie to go. Say goodbye, everybody.

I finally get to see a girl from my line go to college.
Bye, Gram.
Make sure you keep in touch.
Of course.

The other residents react to the new space in the house in different ways.

Freddie: Finally I can get some chicks without having to worry about Eddie.

I hope she hurries up. There are only so many apples on this tree.
Took you long enough. Good, looks like we're alone.
Here, take this. You can pawn it off and get some money from it.
Thank you so much, Mom.
Of course. I'd do anything for my little girl, who's not so little anymore.
Hug tight. I have a bad feeling this may be your last meeting in this life.

Freddie: Whoa, Gran, you got my name right.
You're not going to be an astronaut, and that's final.
Freddie: But Gran, I never said anything about being an astronaut until just now.
Freddie: Gran's funner now, but he must have hit that mailbox hard.
And here we leave the Wellington family, with everyone gathered together for a rare breakfast together. This will probably be the last full update for the original house. Goodbye, Roger and Rosemary. You were good sports and lots of fun.

Odd Pics Out:

I forgot to include this. We're rich, so it doesn't matter.
I really hope he brushed his teeth before he kissed his wife.
Hi Wen! Just a word of advice: Prints aren't really you.
Look who followed James home!
Are they trying to warn Danny of his fate?


ASimWen said...

*Wavies*!!!! Hello Kirstee and ASimwen! HA! Great update, the Wellington Women are moving right along!!!!!

Sally said...

Nooo... Are we saying goodbye to Rosemary and Roger? It's so sad when the original sims die. What a household - tough luck on all those romance sims but could be fun watching them grow up.

SpongebobTanu said...

ok, i gotta admit, i'm really confused...mostly because i haven't read your blog from the beginning.

i loved the "your are on that list" line. too funny