Monday, August 13, 2007

Winding Down

We return to the original house to, of course, only slightly controlled chaos. But I've played a Toddlermania house to college. I managed.

First, *clears throat* Stupid patch. I had everything set up too! So now everyone has a new LTW. Let's take a look.

Good thing you're already perma-plat. I couldn't even have done that one while you were an adult.
Okay, so Roger's never getting a lifetime want. You're cruel, Maxis.
Well, Jane can never call you a bum again. *giggle*
Sweet. That won't be a problem. And I don't have to work so hard with her anymore.
Now let's press play.

Congratulations Annie. That means magical bookshelf! *dances*
Um, James? That's not
*looks down* I know. I'm dropping out of this now. It doesn't sit well on my conscience.
Wait a minute. *finds camera* Okay, that's probbably for the best. And this family doesn't have to worry about money, thanks to Roger. So you won't be hurting while you find the job of your dreams.

Sweet! I've been waiting for today. Time for cakes. Rosemary, grab Lainey.
Happy birthday Lainey and Eddie!

Happy birthday Elaine. You're quite pretty. I'd change your hair, but I already changed your cousin's. Besides, it's unique, if nothing else.
Please don't stay bald, please don't stay bald...
Happy birthday Eddie! So that's it. That nose looks much better on a boy. You both seem to have gotten your mother's soft features. Oh well, there's at least eight more that might get the Wellington cheekbones.

Alright, all this lollygagging is fine and all, but the children will have to go to school in the morning. Lainey and Eddie should go to bed now.
Eddie: Isn't Grandma the smartest?
Hey! What am I, chopped liver?
Annie, control yourself.

Lola? What are you doing here? You already missed your niece and nephew's birthdays.
I know, but it's so crazy at my house. Four kids, more on the way, and a husband who practically races out the door to catch the criminals is really frustrating at times.
I would know.
I decided to visit with my sister and Roger.

And your newest nephews, apparently.
Well, they are cute. Which one's this one?
Got me. After a while, they all start looking alike.
That's terrible.

Hi Eddie! How was your first day at school?
I only got a C+.
It's okay, no one gets to the top of the class in one day.

Hi Lainey. What'd you learn in school today?
That it sucks to be a girl.
Why's that?
I got teased about my nose, and Eddie got a higher grade than me, and he's not smarter than me!
I'm sorry Lainey. You should ask your mom to help you with your homework when she gets home. Until then, you can watch some TV.

The TV broke.
Well, Rosemary's not fixing that. Eddie, call the repairman.
But I don't want to call anybody.

You need to come fix our TV.
Little boy, do your parents know you're calling?
I'm not little, and we could always call another repairman. Your choice.
It's 50, and 10 more per hour.
We'll come first thing in the morning.
In the morning? I'm not paying for you to come in the morning. I'm paying for now!
Some repairmen make you wait a business day. Your choice.

Mama, I don't understand this subject and verb stuff. Can you explain it to me?
Sure honey.
So the subject always refers to someone or something, and the verb is always an action word, like "run" or "jump."
Or "watch TV." Mom, I can't concentrate.
Your dad's home.

Meanwhile, it's time to grow the babies up. So I can tell them apart.
I can tell them apart. For example, this is Freddie.
Actually, that's Frankie.
You sure?
Whatever. Where's the cakes?

Please don't be bald, please don't be bald...
Happy birthday Frankie!
I'm so glad I was here. I can't believe I was so close to missing it.

Happy birthday to you!
Please don't be bald, please don't be bald...
Happy birthday Freddie!
Is his hair...blond?
No, it's a really light brown. But they'll definitely be easy to tell apart.
Where'd Eddie go?
Good question.
Uh, oops?

So. Quit your job, huh?
I don't want to talk about it, dad.

Okay, at this point I got lazy with the timeline. Nothing really interesting happened till Friday anyway. So between Tuesday night and Friday afternoon:

Elaine learned to study that night. Eddie learned the next morning, right before school.

Frankie learned to walk, talk and potty,

Freddie learned to walk, talk and potty,

James got into Law Enforcement and got his first promotion,

And Roger took up painting.

Now Friday afternoon and the exciting weekend:
Annette got a promotion.
James got a promotion.

Eddie and Lainey got A+'s. Think it still sucks to be a girl, Lainey?
Nah, he didn't beat me. After all, I am the oldest.

At Roger's insistence, the six of them took a family photo.
Cute, isn't it?

James and Roger exhibited strange behavior toward this woman. Well, not really strange for Roger, but you get my point. You two have beautiful, loving wives. What is wrong with you?!

Frankie and Freddie saved the day with their grow up message. Yes, it's about time you two grew up to children.

Happy birthday Frankie! You look more like Eddie's twin than Lainey.
Happy birthday Freddie. I think you're going to be someone special.
That means weird.
Does not!

Alright, new family photo, now that everyone can pose. Say Cheese!

Why your insistence on the family photo, Roger?
I'm 72 years old. I won't be around much longer to enjoy my family. I'd like them to remember what their founding parents looked like.
Oh, Roger...

Saturday was a skilling day. Looked boring, until...
Hi, my name's Eddie.
Hi! I'm Synclare.

Everybody talked to Synclare and generally got along, until she wanted to play Cops and Robbers. No one would play with her, except Frankie. I think we have another couple in the making.

Lady, you seen an alien-looking guy around here? I'm supposed to marry him, but he disappeared.

On to Sunday!

James walked in on Freddie in the shower. More than once.

Cousins Morgan and Marianne Centowski came over. He kindly informed Annie that she had a fifth niece or nephew on the way. Annie was nice enough to act surprised.

A wolf randomly came in and destroyed my trash can. I liked that trash can.

My oldest Generation 3 kids will be teens soon! I'm excited!

James got yet another promotion. I'm so proud of him. And he brought home a friend. Wanna guess who it is? Huh?

Our resident troublemaker, Fini. Not again...
But wait, it gets better.

What can I say? The man is quite hot.

If you don't mind me asking, exactly what attracts you to my dad?
I have a thing for guys in glasses.
Oh. Still, ew.

Hey Dad, we're friends, the best of friends, right?
Of course.
Are you mad about me and Annie having so many kids?
Of course not, son. Your mother and I love our grandchildren.
You're up rather early, Rosemary. Whatcha doing?
But we have plenty of food.
I'm making some more so the kids will have something to eat after the funeral.
I'm not going to live much longer, Infinity. It's rather obvious. At this point I only have one regret: that I didn't spend enough time with Samuel. I will be trying to make up for that as much as I am able.

What happened to my family?
Oh, nothing bad. They've just changed a bit.
And so we leave the Wellingtons with a full house of three boys, a girl, mother, father, grandmother and grandfather. Roger and Rosemary are close to the end of their lifespans, and I fear this will be the last full update with them. I'm sad.


Sally said...

Aww - I'll miss Roger and Rosemary. It's hard to let go of the founders.

That Eddie seems a bit mean, I didn't like the way he talked to the repairman on the phone. I like Elaine though and hope she'll be your 3rd generation challenger. I wonder - will she be taking advantage of the opprtunity to go to uni??

ASimWen said...

Hi Synclare! *wavies* Heh Awww...Rosemary is being the typical homemaker...want to watch out for everyone even after she is gone. Cooking. Whatta gal!

Anonymous said...

A really interesting storyline, but it would be so much easier to read if you didn't use that lime green type.

Twoyys4me said...

Great update.. lots of fun events going on.
sorry about your trash can *snickers*. :)