Thursday, August 30, 2007

RoW House 2: Generation 3 Is Born

Hello, I'm finally back. And I'm writing this between a report about some old dead guy I've never heard of, and reading a boring chapter of a boring textbook. So you can guess why it's been so long since you've gotten an update. College would be so much funner without classes. Pointless, but funner. Hehe.

Anyway, on with the story!
About time. I was wondering if we were on permanent hiatus.
Trust me, I'd gladly trade places with you.
Okay, maybe not. You look like a whale, and I can already stand to lose a few pounds.
You be quiet! You're the one insisting on a girl. Why can't you use Lainey to continue your experiment on?
I'll only go to that extreme if you can't give me a girl before you age. Which is extremely unlikely. It wouldn't change things for you, anyway. So suck it up and go change back to your everyday.
Can. Maternity Anywear. Now go change.
*mutters* Can't get away even while pregnant.
What was that, dear?
Oh, nothing. You wouldn't understand.
*shrugs* Okay. Hello little one.

Now, obligatory shot of the cutest toddler in the world:
Can you stay little and adorable forever? Darn, I don't know how to turn aging off for only one Sim! And I guess it would be weird if his sibling outgrew him.
He has to grow up; otherwise he can't be just like his father.
Lurv dada!
Awww. *ahem* I don't think I'd like him to be just like his father. As long as he stays adorable and doesn't roll Romance, I'm good.
Pleeeease stay adorable. *sniffle*

Whoa, what's with that face?
I think the baby's coming.
In the middle of the night? That's it, I'm taking VioletKitty's advice; no WooHoo after noon.
And where's Danny? Where the heck are you going?
Get your law-breaking butt back in there! Your wife's in labor!
Oh, I'm never having kids again. I don't care what you say.
Whatever you say Jane. *sits back to watch birth*
Jane, I think you managed to blow my ear out.
Shut up!
Aww, what a cute little clone-er, baby.
*raises eyebrow* It's a girl.
*in unison* Thank goodness.
So now it's time to come good on your end of the deal. No more pregnancies.
Done. As much as I cherish the ability to bring new life into the world, you pregnant is not a pleasant thing.
Her name is Sarah.
Welcome to Sundry Station (and the Rights of Women Challenge), Sarah Green!

Why'd you call her a clone?
I think you're getting sharper with age.
You just have a habit of talking without thinking.
*sigh* I need to work on that. She has your hair, eyes and skin.
True. Pretty. Hopefully she'll be as beautiful as Mom was.
Ehhh... sure.

My baby girl...
I don't want to hear it. The boss is going to be annoyed that I missed work today. And I could've gotten a promotion today, I think.
And you almost missed the birth of your daughter! Does that mean nothing to you?
Of course it does. But my going to work is what's keeping Jane and the children from being hurt.
I wonder...
Oh no!
*giggle* I sim for moments like this.

Johnny Appleseed, plant your seeds and watch them grow,
Johnny Appleseed, planting as you go...

It's time for Samuel to become a child. The less kids we have to watch, the better.
Aren't you so proud, Danny?
Of course. Our son is slowly becoming a man.
Whoo! I'm a big boy now!
Actually far from it, but aww... *sniffle*
Oh dear. Wherever did you get that mouth, Samuel? Oh, your dad. Maybe you'll grow into it.
And he'll go to private school, and I'll teach him to study, and he'll be the smartest kid in his class, just like me...

So, now that Samuel is old enough to understand, you think you're ready to stop being a criminal?
*chokes on food*
*snorts* I'll take that as a no. *leaves table*
Whatever are you cheering about?
Where are you? Where did that voice come from?
Doesn't matter. I asked you a question.
*looking around shiftily* Well, when Mrs. Green is unhappy, she plays the piano. And she's an undiscovered virtuoso.
Well, when you've played all your life, you can get that good. Carry on.

Men have to be another species. Did you hear a word Jane said?
Of course. Why do you think I started choking on the gumbo? I thought she was still in denial.
You were wolfing it down like there was no tomorrow, but I guess she's tired of sticking her head in the sand.
I wish I could tell her that I was through, but I'm not. You can make her understand that, can't you?
Oh no, don't try to recruit me. I was against this idea from the start. You're on your own.
I'll remember that later.

Are you going to bed, Samuel?
Yes ma'am.
You're so polite.
Thank you ma'am.
But your hat's still on.
You're supposed to take a hat off before you go to bed.
I'm not even going to start, because it'll never stop. Just take it off before you shower.

Bye Mom, Dad. It's my first day at school!
Stupid bills.
Darn cat. Oh, bye honey.
My mom worked two jobs and still managed to show more enthusiasm than that.

Um, hurry up and rub whatever's in your eye out now, Mr. Harris! Oh this is going to be bad.
Oh my God!
Now get out of the bathroom!
Um, Mrs. Green, I really don't know how to tell you this, but...
I know, I heard you screaming. And it's okay. You must not have been looking where you were going.
Oh, thank goodness.
You really have been listening to me play all this time? I can't believe I have a fan. You don't know what that means to me.
I should be thanking you, Mrs. Green. You make my time here pleasant.
Okay, move along, clean and get out of here.

Hello Jane.
Mom? Dad? I thought you said you couldn't come.
James is home, so your father felt better about leaving the others behind.
Oh Mom, I've missed you so much!
Well, this is an unexpected burst of emotion. Are you okay?
Yeah, but I was afraid you might not come to see your new granddaughter.
We have another granddaughter?
Yes. And Samuel is coming home soon, so he can meet you.

Hi Samuel! Aren't you just happy about school! You are going to be so jaded after 15 years.
Dad's not going to be happy. I'm not the top of the class.
That's nonsense. You can't just come in and get to the top in a day. Give it time. And your father will be just as proud as ever he was of you.
Oh, he looks so smart and sweet getting off the bus. Doesn't he, Roger?
Of course.
Oh dear God, who are you?
Tessa Ramirez.
Ramirez? Man, I knew your mother looked like an alien, but I didn't know she passed it on. Do you know of alien somewhere in your family?

Hello Sport, I'm your grandfather.
He did inherit the Wellington slouch. If only I had the energy to fix it.

Hey look over there!
What is it, son? ...I don't see any-
Ha! Gotcha!
Oh no! Samuel, you might've killed him!
Is he going to die? *starts to cry*
I don't think he will, this time. Roger are you okay?
Weak constitution...
Oh boy. I think it's time for Roger to go home.

They can't go now. It's Sarah's birthday.
But Jane, your father might've had a concussion.
What's that?
*sigh* Forget it. But he can't do any strenuous activity. And he has to go home as soon as the party's over.

Happy birthday Sarah.
Oh God, she's bald!
Okay, it's really time for Roger to go home.

Hi Lainey. I hope you don't have a weak constitution like your cousins.
Actually, that's Sarah.
That's what I said.
Ah! Ah!
Oh, it's okay, Grandma's here.
Oh you're cute. Do you know that you're generation three of our legacy?
*smiles* She sure is.
Well, time to go.
Oh dear.
Just smile, Rosemary. And don't look directly at him.

Goodnight Sarah, you've had a big day.
Bye Dad. You should go see a doctor. A "cocussin" sounds pretty serious.
Your mom's better than any doctor. I'll be fine.
Hey Grandma, Mom says Dad's going to jail. you think he really will? Only people who work for Snake go to jail.
Who's Snake, honey?
Snake is "the ultimate villain." All bad guys work for him.
Just smile, Rosemary. I'll try to break this to him gently.
Where is Daniel? Don't even answer, I know where he is. Work. He loves his job, ruining lives, more than he loves his family. How could he leave in the middle of his daughter's birthday, and not even say anything?
I really don't know, Jane.

*groggily* Why is Sarah crying?
She wants to be let out of her crib. As soon as you do that, you can go back to sleep.
Dad, can you help me with my homework? Mrs. Kosmokos says I have to have a parent's signature.
No problem. You know she's your aunt?
You have a lot of them.
Got that right.
*through clenched teeth* When did he get home? Hello Danny.
Hey Jane. I'm just going to show Eve that my son is smarter than hers.
Of course, this is almost too easy for a son of mine, but I'll do what my sister says.
Uh, right Dad. *thinking* This is hard. How do you spell "parents"?

Good to see you're putting your waking hours to good use. She loves you.
I'm glad, but I'd much prefer that she could use the potty right now.

Oh hello. Who are you?
I'm Brad. Is this number 5 The Row?
Yes it is. Are you here to see Samuel? Because he's at school. And you should be too.
But I just got adopted today. I was told I couldn't go until tomorrow.
Adopted? Jane!
6 kids.
You didn't tell me you'd start right away.
So you don't punch a clock at work? Yes!
Oh, I'm glad he's happy. Now let's get him a new look. With that hat, he looks too much like Samuel.

And you taught Sarah to walk and talk! Congrats!
I just wish I'd potty trained her first.

Samuel's home; and who's that getting off behind him?
Why hello Digi. How's your mother?
She's fine.
Tell her I said I'll come by as soon as I can.

Samuel, come inside, there's someone I want you to meet.
Not right now, Mom. I'm talking to Digi.

Samuel Green, say goodbye to your friend and come inside.
Not right now, Mom. I'm playing with Digi.

Samuel Alan Green, if you don't come inside this instant, you won't be talking to your "Digi" for a week.
Okay, Mom. I gotta go, Digi. Bye.
Bye, Sam.
Oh that is just too cute! I think I see a couple in the making. Just neither of you roll Romance.

I'm okay. I've found a friend of my own. I don't need him.
Oh boy.
Oh she looks nice.
Her name's Zoe.

And you've finally potty trained Sarah. Are you happy now?
Very. And my boys are friends now. I was so afraid of how Samuel would react to Brad just showing up. And then I was worried about Brad feeling put off because Samuel didn't know he was here.
Hi. My name's Sam. Who are you?
I'm Brad. Miss Jane adopted me today.
Really? That's so cool. I got a new brother, and I can play with him!
I'm relieved.
Me too. Now I don't have to worry about them not playing red hands after school.

Think Bubo knows something we don't? Next entry takes us back here; after all, we've only gotten to Thursday!


aerisblue2000 said...

Anyway, on with the story!
About time. I was wondering if we were on permanent hiatus.
Trust me, I'd gladly trade places with you.
Okay, maybe not. You look like a whale, and I can already stand to lose a few pounds. Nice start, made me lol. Nice to know you can multiskill - college, and how many different challenges? Not that I'm complaining, I love your sense of humour.
It's almost a pity Samuel had to grow up; I agree he was really cute, and I loved him in his hat!
Nice to see some more of Roger and Rosemary - I feel their time is limited now - awwww!
I loved the update, and am so pleased I dropped by. Although I'm really looking forward to your Asylum challenge, and the continued misfortune of Brittany Noelle!

Melissa said...

New reader here - love your stories. This challenge is interesting.cliff

Sally said...

It's great you're still doing the ROW Challenge as well. I love Samuel - I think he's just as cute as a kid as he was when he was a toddler. And congrats on having a girl - welcome generation 3!

ASimWen said...

I will say only two words..


Hahahahah~ I love it!!!!!!

javajan32 said...

I'm very curious who the "old dead guy" is who you never heard of that your writing your report on. heehee. Glad you got a chance to update your blog between your classes and homework.

Your toddler is adorable. Maybe you can package him and use multiple copies of him in the toddler challenge. Once finished with toddler challenge let the Social Worker take all of them. Then everytime you adopt a toddler you will get that one over again. That is until they are all adopted.

Victoryperfect said...

Thanks for sharing, I will bookmark and be back again

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