Friday, August 31, 2007

RoW House 2: Irreconcilable Differences

We're back to finish up a crazy week back in House 2. Then we go to Bella, and finally, we check in on Brittany Noelle. If I finish my report, it just might be soon!

Now where were we? Oh yes. Jane is angry at Daniel, who's zooming up the crime ladder, Samuel and Brad get along, and Sarah's growing like a weed. That about covers it.
Now on with the story!

Finally! Permanent platinum, an evil mistress you be. What's next, gamer? You're playful, that oughta work for you.
I don't think so.
You could be a game designer and work for Maxis *giggle* and... wait, what?
I'm one the most brilliant minds of my time. Why should I start over working for someone else, designing... games?
You say that like it's a bad thing. Come on Danny. You said you'd get to the point where you could get out, then you would. No one can say anything to you if you decide to start over with a fresh slate.
That's it. I decide to stay here.
But, but... you said-
I say a lot.
You lied to me?
Maybe not at the time. But I changed my mind.
Oh my God, you're kidding me. Jane's gonna flip.

So far, he's just been too good to get caught.
I personally think they'd be too afraid to throw the book at him even if he did get caught.
Jane, who are you talking to?
Remington. Now shoo!
You're discussing your husband's career with the maid!?!
No, we're discussing whoever's been systematically robbing banks all over the city.
You know very well who's been doing that.
I haven't a clue. Now go away!

The most annoying thing is even with his choice of careers, I still do love Danny. And he's the best father a little girl could have. He works nights so by the time he leaves, she's asleep. But I can't live this sham much longer. I think he may have fallen out of love with me.
*checks relationship panel* Nonsense. He's just career-oriented at the moment.
You're such a pretty girl. You are!
Hello Jane.
Who the hell are you and why are you calling my wife by her first name?
That's Remington Harris. The maid, remember? We've become friends.
He hasn't taken my place, has he?
Oh! When you do that, not at all.

Seems the only way to find out anything around here is to go investigate on your own.
Gabe! We haven't seen you in a long time.
Do you know how I found out about my fourteenth grandchild? Roger called me. I should've been notified when she was born.
Sorry Dad. It's been a bit crazy though, with my new work hours.
I heard you resigned from your post at Academie Le Tour. Why?
My... uh... interests have changed.
It's okay. I get to spend some time with you now.
Gabe, can you do me a favor and talk to Danny?
Oh great, you again. So now you're stalking my son.
I think I have adequately made up Toddlermania to you. You have a wife, two more sons, all the money you could ever want, a nice house and I even convinced your youngest, who was firmly against marriage, to tie the knot so you could be perma-plat. You, on the other hand, have been nothing but trouble, getting fired and all.
I'll think about it.

Dad, isn't she excellent on the piano?
She got it from her dad. He's also an exceptional player.
My mom plays even better than him.
Looks like the fan club's grown.

Yes, I finally have an A+!
Dad, look! I'm at the top of my class now!
I'm so proud of you. Come give your dad a hug.
Daddy, can you help me with my homework so I can be smart like Sam?
Of course Brad. You'll be right beside Sam in a few days.
Oh no, I've gotta go to work now. You'll have to get your mother to help you finish.
Daddy, why are you dressed like Snake? Are you going to a costume party?
I wish. Brad, you're old enough to grasp this. Your dad, well, Snake.
No way. That's so cool!
Something tells me Sam won't be so excited.

It's okay Brad, I can teach you. I don't work now, but I used to be a teacher.

Thank goodness toys don't break. That's the very same rabbit James and Jane played with as children. Ah, nostalgia.

Hi my little Sarah. You'll be a big girl soon, and I think my marriage is falling apart.
I wonder if babies really do hold the secrets of the universe in their eyes. I wish she could tell me how to fix this mess.

What an interesting canine you are. What makes your eyes glow, I wonder.
You could become friends with it and find out the hard way, or you could go look up "werewolf" in Webster. Your choice.

Good morning Brad.
Morning Sam. Hey, that weird lady we can't see said that Daddy's Snake.
Dad's not Snake. Only the evilest of evil guys can be Snake. Dad's not evil.
But Mom said she knows everything.
Look Brad, Dad isn't Snake. And that's it.

Are you sure you're going to be okay?
Yes, Mr. Bruenig-who-is-not-related-to-Marsha.
Hi Sam!
Hi Digi, but it's Saturday. What are you doing here?
I wanted to see you.
Okay. *blush*
Definitely a couple once they get old enough.
Look what I can do!
Wow, you're like a foot off the ground!
Now you are too!
Brad! You gotta come and see this!
The Chauvinist, Toby Bruening: I sincerely hope she got that from her father.
Brad's a little busy bonding with Snake Daddy.

Johnny Appleseed, plant your apples, watch them grow,
Johnny Appleseed, planting as you go...

Now our Sarah has grown into a child. So that's why she was bald! So she could grow up into an updo! Thank you Maxis. Now let's get a better look at our heiress.
I think she actually will be a clone of Jane. I can see her lips and I think she has the Wellington cheekbones. Still hard to tell.
You are going to be a very special girl, Sarah.
Why, Mommy?
Your grandmother and I are part of this... what shall I call it? Museum. You have the lady who talks to everyone all the time. She will guide you through what you can and can't do as a female descendant of Rosemary Wellington.
And you have many many people watching you, cheering you on. You forgot that part.
We'll talk more in the morning Sarah.

Whoa, you're really putting that can away, Danny. What's up?
I don't understand. Some of my former colleagues said alcohol can make anything clear after a while.
Maybe that's why they're former colleagues. It probably made them too fuzzy to realize there was a problem in the first place.
Then you explain why that maid's still here. And playing my piano.
That one I can't say anything for. Maybe he aspires to be as good as Jane?
Oh God. I have a bad feeling about his sudden buddy-buddy status with Jane. Maybe I should take care of him before he becomes a problem.
Danny, you can't just go around killing people willy-nilly. He hasn't done anything wrong.
It's in the Evil Overlord list.
...*finds multiples entries on killing problems before they become problems* Darnit. I insist you give him a warning first.
Mr. Harris, I would appreciate it greatly if you got the hell out of my house. And don't stay after hours again, or I will kill you.
Wow, that was polite.
With all due respect Mr. Green, I was not your guest. I was Mrs. Green's guest.
She will not be having you over as a guest anymore. Goodbye, Mr. Harris.
Good night, Mr. Green.
Jane deserves someone much better than her control-freak husband. I hear he's a criminal.
I know you want to help, but I wouldn't mess with this family if I were you.

Other than the usual house fire (we're now at a record three fires for a sim with maxed cooking points)...
...Sunday morning was quiet. Just skilling,
and fishing.
Or falling on your butt, depending on your luck.

And then Danny told Jane that a Headmaster from a school she'd never heard of, the Seminary Nonpareil for All Quite Extraordinary, was coming in 3 hours to see if their family was private school material. She was just now hearing this. She had borne much in silence, but when Danny made decisions about her children without consulting her, she couldn't take it anymore. She ran inside, distraught, where good friend Remington Harris was there to comfort her.
Unfortunately, it didn't look like comfort to anyone.
You &%*&!!!
Danny! You shouldn't hit women! I know your father taught you that with five sisters.
This isn't a woman. This is a-
Don't say that in front of the children! Oh no, where are they?
Mom! What are you doing?!
Oh no, now the full fury of Snake will be unleashed upon us all!
I already told you, Dad's not Snake!
*crying softly*
What have I done?
You have ruined your life, that's what you've done. But no matter about that now. The headmaster is here; you will prepare a suitable dinner, clean anything that has been dirtied since the maid's shift has ended, and then you will sit at the dinner table quietly and smile. Then we will see my decision as to your fate.
You would kill me?!
Maybe I don't have to. Use all those logic skills you've acquired and figure out the acronym for the private school.
Seminary Nonpar-something, for All Quite... *thinks about it* My God. You're sending them to a corrupt school!
S-N-A-Q? *sniffle* See, I told you Daddy was Snake!
*sobbing loudly*

She's late.
Sarah? He'd better not do anything to her for coming down late. I swear I'll kill him before he'll touch her.
Ouch, that's two children she lost best friend status with. She lost it with Samuel at the time of the event.
And that makes all three. Just be quiet Jane, and cut your losses.
And, face first into her food. At least she's not talking.
Your home is to our satisfaction, your dinner was... untraditional, but delicious, and your family seems to be well rounded and stable. A perfect cover. Congratulations Mr. Green, your children will be attending The Seminary Nonpareil for All Quite Extraordinary tomorrow morning. I have the children's uniforms in the car, since of course they would be accepted. But you understand, I can't look like I'm anything but objective.
I understand completely. Thank you sir.

Hey, where'd everybody go that quick? Samuel and Brad went to bed, Sarah's washing the dishes, Jane's using her eggs as a pillow, and where's Danny?
Danny! Get off that floor! That's below an Evil Overlord!
That woke Jane up. I guess hearing two men in a free-for-all three feet away would wake me up too.
Get that mean, nasty maid who's trying to steal Mommy!
Knock him down a few pegs, Remi!
Do you hear what you're saying, Jane!?
They fight like girls. It's embarrassing.

Getting your butt beat by a maid is even more embarrassing. I thought Remington would win.
He won't live long enough to tell the tale.
Run for your life Remington! Literally!

You absolutely sicken me! How could you cheer for your lover in front of your daughter? No, don't answer that. I don't want to know right now how a twisted mind like yours works.
You are a cheating whore, and an unfit mother to our three children.
How can you say those things to me Danny, especially when they're not true?
Well, we covered the cheating whore one this afternoon. I have three witnesses; our children! And women who are fit to raise their children don't put moves on the maid in front of them.
Shut up. I don't want to hear a word out of your filthy mouth.
I am going to bed. When I wake up you had better not be here, or heaven only knows what I may do. And remember to leave your ring on the way out.
We can't be divorcing. I have nowhere to go! And the children need their mother.
Oh they'll have a mother. It just won't be you.
Oooh, now that's just evil.

So that's it? My perfect marriage, my perfect life, is over?
Well, I feel a lot better.
But I hear her crying downstairs. I think I feel...
Must be some of her food getting to me.
Goodbye, my Sarah. You will take good care of her, won't you Fini?
Of course I will Jane. I'm truly sorry.

Mommy's gone!
Dad's Snake!
I tried to tell him Daddy was Snake. This is the coolest family ever. Sucks about Mom, but this is seriously the coolest family ever.
It's raining. I wonder where Mom is. And if she's alright, since Dad put her out on the street.
It's raining. Is God crying too, just like I am?

Are you angry at your mother?
Yes Daddy.
That's my girl.
You know, encouraging your children to be furious at their other parent is not exactly a nice thing. What am I saying? You're sending them to SNAQE. I'm going to have to keep an especially close eye on Sarah now that her mother's not around.

Well, folks that was my crazy week in House 2. It hurt my heart to do that. I had to hit pause and exit to recover, then restart the game. I don't know how Ruby, Alexis, and Beans did it so often. Next post, it's back to the main house. We got teens and rapidly fading Roger and Rosemary. And I never got portraits!