Sunday, July 1, 2007

Welcome to Rights of Women House 2! (Part One)

No, nothing happened to the Wellingtons. It's just that between two jobs, being kicked off the Internet-ready computer for close to a week, my sister commandeering my game and discovering XMSims, I've had no time for an update. But I'm finally back, with a nice, juicy update. Update, mmmmm.

First, we need an official introduction. This is the first of my Toddlermania children and the future spouse of Jane Wellington, Daniel Green.

Daniel Green
Aspiration: Knowledge
LTW: Become Mad Scientist
Aquarius: 4 neat, 4 outgoing, 4 active, 7 playful, 6 nice
Turn-ons/turn-off: fatness, blond hair/fitness

Hi. I'm Danny Green. I just graduated from Academie Le Tour with a degree in Mathematics, and according to Miss Infinity, I can marry Jane today. I'm very happy about that.
Very good, Danny. *big smile* Now let's get your guests here.
Well, I just kinda wanted my family there.
*raised eyebrow* You have eight brothers and sisters. That's a party in itself. Don't worry, you'll just have your brothers and sisters, your father, and Jane's family there. Let's see, that's...twelve. *whistles* And if you don't hurry up, you'll have the welcoming committee too. Now scoot!

*GACK* I refuse to let you wear that to your wedding!
Yeah, it is a bit...flashy.
Down to the store with you.

Sorry about that folks, but if you saw what I did...
Okay, you and all your guests are here. Since you never had the want to do so yet, go on and propose.
Okay. Um, what do I say?
You read all the unnecessary books. Here, hurry up and memorize this.
*quickly reads* Okay. Jane, you are the light of my life, my perfect complement.
No, complement, Jane.
*blank look*
I'll explain later. Just listen.
Before we met, my life was empty. Now it's overflowing with love for you. I want to share it with you, for always. Jane Wellington, will you be my wife?

Aaaah! Yes, yes, oh my god, yes!!!
And that, my friends, is the cue for the wedding.

You two make a lovely couple.
Thank you.

I love you so much, Jane. I promise to love you and you only. I will keep you safe, warm in winter, cool in summer, well-fed and clothed and blanketed in my love as long as we both shall live. With this ring, I thee wed.
Ohhhhhhh, Danny.
That's a Knowledge Sim for you. Perfectly unromantic, but surprising at times.

I love you more than life itself, Daniel Green. I promise to be a good wife, mother to our kids and to stay your perfect "compliment" for as long as we both shall live. With this ring, I thee wed.
Alright! Whoo! Um, guys? Whoo?

What? Is there something in my teeth?

Oh, ignore them. ...What? Do you want me to say, "By the power vested in me as the God of Sundry Station, I now pronounce you husband and wife?"

Well, I wasn't expecting that. Now go kiss that gorgeous bride of yours, Danny.

Now that's what I'm talking about.

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Green.

More shots of the wedding:

I just had to include this one. The only difference is the hair and skin color. And the poor girl got her father's cheekbones. Oh well, we have three more generations to breed that out.

Well, it was a beautiful wedding, but to make sure everyone stayed outside, I locked the doors. Which caused this.

Uh, sorry Jane.
Go home kid, or you'll be the next thing they're mopping up.
At least it wasn't a party. I'm not fond of parties.

Read Part Two (wow, how'd one update get so long?!)


ASimWen said...

Eh, having to wrestle the computer from your sister, hehe I understand that! Well, Jane got the cheekbones, but just make the DNA more intersting! It is hard to keep peeps out of the house when you are having an outdoor time use porta potties outside! LOL

Shaunna said...

I don't have to share my 'puter, but I have to suffer with dial I can completely relate to having issues!

Loved Jane's wedding. Danny is as sweet as pie and I love it! Off to part 2!