Sunday, July 29, 2007

RoW House 2: Let's Make a Deal

Alright, bye Jane, remember we have to talk about... wait a minute, why are you here, Danny?

I don't know. I was at work and then I blinked and I was here.
And Jane, you were getting into the car.
I know, but somehow I got back in the house.
...Where's the cat?
*Danny points* There...
Oh *bleep*.
What's wrong?
That little kitty has informed me that you two have been overhauled, and we really need to talk once you get back.
Back from where?
Work, Jane.
About that...
I know, Jane, we'll talk later. Now go. Danny, take the car.

Well, this changes my plans. *peeks at LTWs* Oh this definitely changes my plans. But this could be useful.

Whoo! I got a promotion!
Yes you did, congratulations! Now Jane, we need to talk.
While I'm celebrating?
Well, you no longer want to top the Education track.
Yeah, well I'm no longer teaching. Kinda sucks.
And your new LTW involves those kids you were so adamant on not having.
Well, I think holding Eddie and Lainey made a change in me, you know?
I think installing that patch made a change in you. What I do know is we need a girl, born to you, to continue the cha...I mean, family line. So I have some more good news. You and Danny can consummate your marriage now.
But Danny's not home, so you'll have to wait.

Hello. My name's Danny.

Hello, my name's Infinity. Nice to finally meet you, Daniel.
Shh, he's not supposed to know who you are!

*eyes bulge* Ignore the bolts, ignore the bolts, will keep this in mind for later, but for now, ignore the bolts...

Nice Jane. And hello Brittany Noelle, just make sure you get back to your...housemates soon.
Curse that woman to hell.
I can't take it anymore, I can't do this.
Can't do what?
Teach. I can't.
It rubs salt into my wounds.
Not the university thing again. Fine. Tell Danny you two can finally do the deed.
Oh Danny?
Man, she moves quick.

Oooh, sounds fun.
No Jane.
Why not?
You can only go downtown with a male chaperone. Marsha's not male.
Oh, you're no fun. Fine. Danny, where are you?
Good girl.

Oh heck no. Both of your first times and you want to do it in a freaking car? No way, you two are heading upstairs.
Do you mind?
Of course I do! That's why I'm trying to save your dignity!
Please go away. You've ruined the mood.
Not for me.

Are you getting back in the mood?

Merry Christmas, Jane.
And like all good things, this too must end. Now's a good time to kiss and tell.

As you see, Jane's made me quite pleased.
While Danny, not so much. He'll be losing his connections with his inventor friends, so he can't get any more aspiration rewards. Nothing until either Jane dies, or he manages to get back into science. And since I happen to be rather lazy, the latter has an extremely slim chance of happening.

And congratulations are in order. Wonder what it is. *hopes for a girl*
I guess we'll see when he or she is born. I gotta tell Danny though.

Danny, it looks like we're going to have to update the spare room sooner than planned. We're having a baby.
Well, technically, you're having the baby, but this is exciting. I'll call the furniture store.

This is great. Nice and neutral. But the cribs?
One for the boy and one for the girl. There have been a lot of twin births around here lately, and I want to be prepared. How about Samuel as a boy's name?
A/N: The pink crib is just outside the pic. You'll see it later.

Danny, we have to talk.
Can it wait, Miss Infinity? I have to get to work, or the boss will have my head.
If it could wait, then I wouldn't be here. Now, Jane has no idea you changed your career track, and she's going to get suspicious of you leaving in the middle of the night, and your work clothes. Your child too. What are you going to do about that?
I don't know. I'll think about it at work.

Hey honey. I got you a present.
Thanks, I think. What is it?
It's an energizing machine. It's an instant pick-up, and I've been hearing how tired you've been from the pregnancy so far. Don't worry, it's safe.
It's not that I don't trust you, Danny, but...I don't think I trust it. Looks dangerous.
I'll be right here the whole time.

Whoa, this is great!
See? What'd I tell you? Feeling better?
Good. Now how's the little one? Hi baby, I'm your daddy!
*smiles* Danny, where'd you get that?
It was in the basement.
Okay. Wait, you don't have a basement!

Hope you thought about your decision. With this promotion comes the dreaded stripes.
Really? Crap.
Guessing you never thought about it.
Uh, no.
Look Danny, I very rarely encourage people not to go after their dreams, but you have a wife and now an unborn child to think about. So you've got to decide what's more important to you.

Gotta quit your job now. The baby's due any day.
Funny how I don't even care anymore.
And wasted a week of my time.

Um, help? I feel like I'm about to explode.
I think that's the baby actually. Come on, Jane, you can do it.
Danny, wake up! This is all your fault!
Danny! I said get up! I'm having your baby for goodness sakes!
I'm going to dieeeeeeee!
No you're not. Your mother did it twice. I'd have Danny call her, but it's the middle of the night. Oh, he's finally getting up.

Aww, a redhead. I was hoping for one. Brown eyes, huh? Must be recessive from your father.
It's a boy.
*sigh* Oh well, you're still young, we have time.
And I want at least five more so I can marry them off.
Yeah, about that, we'll have to talk after you put Samuel to bed.
How'd you know that was what we planned to name him?
You seem to forget I'm omnipresent.
Men are so useless.

Hi baby. Drink up. Did you see your daddy's silly costume?
Danny, I'm disappointed.
I promise Miss Infinity, I'll get out as soon as I reach a point where my boss will let me without repercussions for those two, but right now I'm stuck.
You know Jane saw you. I think she's in denial.
*sigh* Then let her stay that way. Maybe by the time she's ready to face the truth, I'll be out.
Hopefully only of the career.

Congratulations, I guess. At least Jane and the baby are asleep.
Way to sound happy for me.

Hey Samuel. Sleep tight. Daddy's always gonna be here for you. That's a promise.
*tears up* That's not a promise you can make.
Of course I can.

Since our last deal is null and void, and my conscience won't let you birth six kids, here's the new deal. You give birth until we get a girl, then you can adopt the rest.
That sounds good.
Good. Now that that's taken care of, it will soon be Samuel's birthday. Time for a birthday party.

Um, his hair is pink.
Oh, that's okay. You see the cute hat Danny got for him?
It's got to go.
But I like the hat.
Not the hat, the pink hair. I promise he can keep the hat.
See? And the hat is there, safe and sound.
I want to teach him his skills.
Oh dear, now here's a quandary. I don't think he's yet allowed. Oh, I've got an idea. Danny, you can teach him to talk, but everything else is for Jane to teach.
Don't worry about why. I'm offering you a deal. Take it or leave it.
I'll take it.
I knew you were smart.

Oh boy.
And the next one is on, hopefully her, way.

Mom, Dad, you guys should really come over more often. Then you can spend as much time with Samuel as you want.
We can't leave our other grandchildren alone. *mutters* Weak constitution. All that woman's fault.

Drink up. We're going to learn to talk.
Say "mathematics." That's the degree you're going to get in college, just like your dad.
*giggle* Try something easier.
How about "teddy"? Can you say "teddy"?
Good! You're so smart.
Wan' teddy!
Do you have a teddy bear?
Good boy, Samuel. You can talk! You're going to be a big boy now!
Semu'l big boy!

Thank goodness he's fully potty trained. Now I can get some rest and not have to worry about him wetting himself.
You sound as bad as your sister-in-law.
Nobody's as bad as Annie.
And we leave the Greens with Daniel a Bank Robber who's leaning on the author's drama button, Jane best friends with her son who's learned to talk and use the potty, and another Green baby on the way.

Odd Pics Out:
What's a TS2 party without a pillow fight? This time, it features James Wellington, Jane's brother, and his wife, Annette Green Wellington, Danny's sister.
Did I mention Jane's friends with Belladonna, the star of my I Love You to Death Challenge? No? Well she is, and she decided to say hello to the addition to the family a bit early. Think she's scouting out a possible match for one of her children?
It was eerie seeing both my Simselves at the house. Too bad I can't play like that.
Bonkers has learned to use the toilet. It's funny seeing him racing his masters to the bathroom.


ASimWen said...

Mom, Dad, you guys should really come over more often. Then you can spend as much time with Samuel as you want.
We can't leave our other grandchildren alone. *mutters* Weak constitution. All that woman's fault.

LOLOL That made me laugh out loud

Bonkers can potty? Yay! Even in the Sim World, I worry about babies getting in the litter box. hehe

Sally said...

Very funny update. And is that your simself at the start of the update? Hmmm... Danny has bolts for Infinity?!

Fingers crossed for a baby girl next time.

Infinity-Nevermore said...

@Wen: Since my sims are always wanting to teach their pets new commands, I looked over the list to see what would be the most useful, and I ran across "Use Toilet." I jumped on it since my dining area is also the cat's room and I'm pressed for space. And I got money back for the litterbox, hehe.
@Sally: Technically, they're both my Simselves. Infinity is an older Simself of me and she's a Townie. Brittany is an updated Simself, and she's heading my Asylum Challenge, which I still haven't decided if I will blog.