Thursday, July 12, 2007

Bursting With Babies (Part Two)

That's what got you the twins. Wait a minute, we want the kids. Carry on then.

Oh hi Jane. What are you doing here?
Annie called me over and asked me to watch the kids while she got some shut-eye cause Mom was knocked out and Annie wanted her to get some sleep. She lied about sleeping herself though. The walls are too thin to lie about the bedroom.
*shakes head* So who's that you got there?
This one's Edward. Annie is already calling him Eddie. *blinks hard*
Jane, are you crying?
No, of course not. Probably something that flew into my eye. *whispers* He's so beautiful.
Maybe it's time you had a child of your own?
Uh-uh. I haven't made it yet. Once I make it, then I'll have my kid.
But Jane, we had a deal. You had your week.
Not really. I didn't get the job till Thursday.
We'll talk when we get back to your house.

Annie, what are you doing now?
Wellington *grunt* women *pant* tough as-Ow!-nails...
Rosemary, shouldn't you tell her that she doesn't have to fix the sink?
I could, but then I'd have to fix it. And I'm busy with the children.

You look so natural, Rosemary. Maybe I should've let you have that third kid you wanted so badly.

What in the world?
I told you I didn't want diaper duty.
You have a fear of changing diapers? You're serious.
I'll call Jane.

Hi Lainey. You wanna come home with Auntie Jane? Huh? Let's get you a blanket. We just have to be really quiet so Mommy will stay asleep.
Jane, what are you doing with my daughter?

Oh hi Annie! I was just putting her to bed, that's all.
Well, I can do that. Shouldn't you be getting home? Won't Danny be worried that you're gone so late?

I can't believe she tried to steal my child.
I can.

Oh, looks like it's the twins birthday.

Happy birthday Elaine!
Happy birthday Edward! Ummm, he's bald.
It's okay, it'll probably grow out.

James? You're late.
Energizing to read the paper?
Energizing to set myself up for my true lifetime want. I want to become Minister of Education even more than I want the kids. I just signed up to become an elementary school teacher. They'll even pay me during my pregnancy until I start working.

And Roger, you're retiring?
With the kids working, and our nestegg saved up, I can get out of the rat race. Besides, I won't be around forever and I want to spend time with my grandkids.

Hello, Eddie, want to play with Grandpa? Of course you do.

What's wrong, Roger?
Edward threw up on me! Poor boy must have a weak constitution.
Or maybe you shouldn't jiggle him when he's only eaten an hour ago?
*mutters* Weak constitution.

Hahahahahahaha! Get him! Ooh, right on the chin! That had to hurt! Give it up Mal! We know you're lying!
Television? I know of them, but I've never watched one.
Would you like to watch something with me?
*looks at me*
*shakes head*
I'll pass, dear.

Missed that one. That would be Eddie learning to walk.

Wow, how'd they learn so fast? Besides a team effort, of course.

This stuff. Smart milk. Danny gave it to us. He says the glowing won't injure them in any way. I hope he's right, not that I don't trust him, but...
I don't trust it.

Finally, the last big event of this week:

I thought it hurt less the second time!
It doesn't?

Wow! She's very loud.

Another beautiful baby.
It's a boy. His name is Franklin. I'm calling him Frankie.
Okay. Got another name in the back of your head?

Not again!
That would make four. *trying to whistle innocently*

Another boy. Frederick. Come on Freddie, time for bed.

So we leave the new Wellington family with James as a Wedding Photographer (thanks for the camera!), Annette finally going to her first day of work as a Elementary School Teacher, Rosemary as worn out as she was when she had her children, and two sets of cheesecake twins running amok and wreaking havoc. Next time, back to RoW House 2 to see what Jane will do now that she's out of time.


Chelsea said...

Great update! I always love these. Can't wait for the next one.

Two sets of twins in one update?? Wowzers. But, they are a-dor-a-ble!

Rachel said...

Boy you sure are brave. @ set s of twins back to back! That sure does put a dent in the 10 kids want. Nice job as always

Kerry said...

"He says the glowing won't injure them in any way. I hope he's right, not that I don't trust him, but...
I don't trust it."

Giggle. But, wow, Jane! No kidnapping, lady! Just have your own if you want them that much!

Great update! I am enjoying your characters very much.

Sally said...

Just caught up with you blog and I really enjoyed it. I like the way you're playing all the family and not just the ROW challengers.

So, Jane tried to steal her niece? Bad woman! Come on Jane, you need to hurry up and have a daughter before it's too late...

Infinity-Nevermore said...

Well, I did want to play out Rosemary's lifetime. After all, she is my founder. As far as I'm concerned, it would've be wrong to just forget about her once Jane got married. So I'll be blogging the original house until Rosemary's death. After that, updates on her brother, sister-in-law and nieces and nephews will come through Jane. For now, that's my plan.

ASimWen said...

Wow two sets of twins. heh lots of work! Good luck!

aerisblue2000 said...

"Television? I know of them, but I've never watched one." Priceless!

I've finally got round to the RoW challenge, and it's very funny, albeit tragically close to reality!
At least the Sims doesn't descriminate - a sim is a sim, and can have any job, and all have the same opportunities.

Really good so far, off to read the next installment!