Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Birthdays, Birthdays Everywhere! (and not a slice of cake)

This week everyone had a birthday. So how do you two feel about having birthdays?
Well, it will definitely set the right tone for all those grandchildren we're bound to have.
And we'll be celebrating our golden anniversary soon. It's so exciting!
Jane, how do you feel?

Oh, don't worry about her. She'll come around. She likes parties and meeting new people.
Really though, what's the point of not sending her to college?
What's the point in sending her? She's just like you. All she needs to be happy is a family of her own.
What does that mean? Are you saying I wouldn't have gone to college if I had had the chance? You seem to forget our arranged marriage prevented either of us going to college.
Oh boy, those two are arguing a lot more lately. I'll come back later.

And of course leaving makes me miss their birthdays. You two could've warned me that it was close. Oh well. Happy birthday Roger!
Happy birthday Dad.

Thank you my sweet girl.

Happy birthday Rosemary!
Happy birthday to you too Mom.

Thank you honey. And guess what? I'm throwing a very special party to commemorate this occasion.
Well, technically, I wasn't going to allow you to throw a party, but since it's your lifetime want, knock yourself out.
Thank you.

If anybody deserves permanent platinum, it's you. Congratulations Rosemary, on your golden anniversary.
Oh yeah, that reminds me. Why am I back in this extremely uncomfortable rough linen again?
Traditional dress. At least for someone with your amount of money around the turn of the century.
I hope whoever is last on your list for this experiment shows up in this just to spite you.
Look, James showed up for the party.

Alright Mom, I apologize for getting engaged without your knowledge...or consent. But trust me, Annette is a beautiful, wonderful woman. We'll be moving back here after graduation, so then you can spend all the time you want with her.
Well then, since you're rather pressed for money, take this.

Wow Mom, thanks! I should've brought you something, being you and Dad's party and all.
It's fine. You can make it up to me when you get home.

That reminds me. I want to meet this girl of yours as soon as possible. And that means before the wedding, got it?

Got it, dad.

Party over! And it was a roofraiser too!

Good job you two!
Thanks. It was all Roger's doing. He suggested we get a bar. Even though I thought it was unnecessary...
What's wrong?
Note to self: get rid of bar.

James, you're still here?
Yep. I don't see home since I went to college. I'll be glad to get back home and show Mom and Dad all the cool stuff they've been missing out on.

Actually, I don't think that's such a good idea...
Well, Annette won't be cleaning the house the way Mom does. She'll be busy raising the kids.
Why don't you share what's been happening with her, and Daniel? I hear you two met.
Annette's just as wonderful as ever. We moved in together and as you must have heard, I asked her to marry me. She was still single. Waiting for me, she said.
Focus, James.
Oh, right. She wants to reach the top of the Education field, and I'm determined to help her.
Oooh, Jane's gonna be so jealous. What about Daniel?
Well, Danny's getting a degree in Math. Wants to be a Mad Scientist. Good luck. He cut his hair. Wasn't too happy about that. But he wants to prove to Mom and Dad he's not just some bum.
I think the Math degree proves that, but whatever. See you back at Sim State.

Hi Danny, I've missed you so much.
I've missed you too. So what's this about meeting your parents?
You have to meet my mom and dad. Just be your usual fantastic self and you should be fine.

Hello ma'am. My name is Daniel Green and I'm-
Mom, meet Danny. Really good friend of mine. I'll leave you two alone now.

Now don't tell Jane I told you this, but...

Hello son.
Hello sir. Nice to meet you.

Oh no, where'd Dad come from? Hi Dad. This is Daniel, and he's my friend, yeah, that's right, friend.
Nice boy. He might make a decent husband for you one day, once he gets out of college.
That's right.

One last thing to take care of. If you want to get married next week, you have to grow up now Jane. You can have a party though, without problems.

Happy birthday Jane.

So we leave the Wellingtons preparing for James' arrival with his soon to be wife, and Jane preparing for Daniel's graduation. Rosemary and Roger are just about as in love as ever, although having met people at parties, their interests are starting to turn elsewhere. To whom, you ask? You'll find out next time!

PS: Never delete your pics the Maxis way, or you lose good ones trying to get rid of the bad ones. I learned that the hard way. *cry*