Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Working Toward Generation 2

If you see something similar to a much more experienced blogger, they inspired me, but since I'm not copying and pasting their story into my blog, I don't see much of a problem. Now, on to my very patient couple waiting for introductions. This is Roger Wellington, and his lovely wife, Rosemary.

They recently came into a rather large inheritance from Roger's great-uncle. With that, the couple bought a pretty country cottage to raise their family. Yeah, kids were a given.

Roger: Yeah, I'd love to see some little Rogers running around the place. That'd be the best, right, Rosemary?
Rosemary smiles sweetly and nods her head slowly so her deceptively sturdy looking hairstyle wouldn't fall out again, though she thought, "I wouldn't mind a girl myself."

Okay, time to go inside. Roger, pick up the paper. You need to find a job.
Roger: No problem.
Rosemary: What about me?
Well, you need to get a cooking skill point or two, so you can cook filling, nutritious meals for your family.
Rosemary: Well, actually, I was referring to a job.
Oh, you don't work.
Rosemary: But I am worried about the amount of money coming in. I should get a job so we can be a bit more financially secure before starting a family.
I totally understand your concerns. But it is improper for a woman to work outside the home. So you will be staying home.
Rosemary: Wait, did time reverse itself by about seventy-five years? Are you saying I can't work?
I am saying you cannot hold a traditional job. However, you can have a garden, and make money by selling the food you grow.
Roger: This is best. She is right you know. Besides, you won't have any time to work between the kids and the housework.
Rosemary: I should have about the same amount of time as you if we're sharing the responsibilities.
Roger: But we are, honey. I'm going to work five days a week, and you're talking care of our home.
Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, you do all the housework too.
Rosemary is quiet, glaring daggers at her husband, since she can't see me.
Don't worry Rosemary, you'll get used to it.

Well, it's not like she had much of a choice. Roger got a job as an ambassador's intern. He needed to leave around 8 and he woke up at 6. Since Rosemary wasn't going anywhere, naturally she would be making the meals. When he left, she cleaned everything and cooked some more. While he was gone, she studied cooking and cleaning. He got back feeling in the mood to give his wife some special attention. While she wasn't so inclined, it was obvious that her desires weren't coming into the heads of either her husband or the dreadful woman who started talking to them when they arrived. So she just set her teeth and got it over with.

Congratulations Rosemary, you're going to have a baby!
Rosemary: That's wonderful. But how do you know?
Trust me.
Roger is fast asleep, so he'll get the news later.

The rest of that night was uneventful. But the next day kicked into high gear early on.

There was no doubt now that another Wellington was on the way. Rosemary started cooking a lot, so she wouldn't have to take the time to cook later on when her hormones went for a loop later that day.

The pregnancy was normal: three days of bloating, hunger, fatigue, hell. But as far as both parents are concerned, it was worth it for the beautiful baby boy.

Meet James Wellington.

Cutie, isn't he?
Roger: Forget cute. He's going to be the toast of the town when he grows up. He's gonna make some woman very happy.
Rosemary: *smiles* He's just perfect.

James was a good baby, even though he had a penchant for waking his mother up too early. It was fine though: Rosemary was only too happy to take care of him.

Although there were times that Rosemary wasn't too happy, for example, when James threw up on her.

But no matter, because now James has grown up to a toddler! I know you're happy, aren't you Rosemary?
Rosemary: I am. Now we can teach him how to walk, talk, and use a toilet!
Uh, actually, you'll be doing all of that.
Rosemary: *forced smile* I can't believe this.
Roger: Whew! That's my Rosemary. A born mother.
Better you than me. Let get a look at James.

Once James grew up, Roger missed seeing someone in the crib across the hall. So he and Rosemary had another roll in the hay.

Roger got up and went to his new job as a drive-through clerk, while Rosemary got up and got the sign she was waiting for. A trip to the bathroom. Another baby was on the way. Until then, James needed attending to.

Rosemary: Is something wrong with James? He doesn't seem to learn how to use the toilet quickly.
Oh, that's gonna take a while. At least James loves you.
Rosemary: Just my luck.

And we leave the house with Rosemary pregnant with her second child, Roger promoted to Host, and James with four charisma points, but no skills learned. Oh well. We'll work on that next time.


ASimWen said...

Awwwe, That James is a meanie for making Rosemary stay home. Ahhh...sounds like Rosemary should have been in the latter parts of the challenge. Very good.

Rachel said...

I'm enjoying this so far. Very funny! More Rosemary, I really feel for her. I feel for you too, getting a boy, such bad luck. I hope the next is girl.

Twoyys4me said...

Nice introduction to your family. That mean ol' James laying down the law. :)
Keeping fingers crossed for a daughter next time!

Kerry said...

Aww, talk about not knowing what she was getting in to! I think they should have had premarital counseling so she knew what his expectations were! Hang in there, Rosemary!

Sally said...

Nice start, tough luck no G2 girl yet. I like the banter you, Rosemary and Roger - very funny.

Weaver of Fantasies said...

OMG! This is a great blog! Neat challenge to.
I hope the next baby is a girl!!

Bubbs said...

She isn't too happy playing 'Suzy Homemaker'?? Her husband is more than happy to play the role of the worker...

Can wait to see the next part.

ruby said...

darn that Roger, he's such a .. such a ... he's such a man! Hmph...
gosh will James ever learn how to potty? LOL poor dear
hope the next one is a girl

Shaunna said...

I am trying to RESIST challenges...I have to many as it is, but this is GREAT!! Makes me want to start this one myself. Funny, and poignent. Nice work.