Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Rights of Women Rules

A commenter on my most recent post made me realize that I never put up the rules for the Rights of Women Challenge and this may be the only RoW challenge some people read. So for Melissa's pleasure, here are the most recently updated rules.

The Rights Of Women Challenge - The Long-Awaited Updated Version
The Premise
To start with a single male/female couple and progress through the historical trends of womens' rights, using the female offspring of each generation to push the family forward until we arrive at modern woman.
The Outline
- Make a male and female couple in CAS; they can be set as married or wed later.
- Once they are married, begin to Try For a Baby until they have at least one female child (code name - Child A).
- Treat the original couple using the rules of Generation One (see below).
- Raise Child A, using the rules for Generation Two (see below).
- When she is an adult, she will marry and have at least one female child (Child B).
- Raise Child B using the rules of Generation Three (see below).
- When she is an adult, have her marry and have at least one female child (Child C).
- Raise Child C using the rules of Generation Four (see below).
- When she is an adult, have her marry and have at least one female child (Child D).
- Raise Child D with the rules for Generation Five (see below).
---------------Generation Five is the end of the challenge.
(Fini edit: I'm guessing since she said raise Gen 5, the challenge ends at the death of Gen 5, or maybe Gen 4; I think I'll end it at Gen 4's death, since Gen 5 will live like any other Sim I play)
- Note: each female continues living her life using the rules of the generation she was born into. For example, Child B is the generation three sim; when she has Child C, she must continue living using the rules of generation three until her death, even though Child C is now generation four and living by those rules.
Generic Rules
There is a (very!) short list of rules that apply to each generation; the rules are mostly different to show the evolution of the rights.
- no cheats;
- no re-trying for babies to get chosen genders.
Generation-Specific Rules
Each generation also has specific rules that suit the time period it is meant for; assume that a) once you can do something, all following generations can and b) if I don't say you can't, you can do it.
Previous players have made various suggestions over the course of a couple years; while I haven't integrated them into the challenge (I don't want to dictate your game), I did write the best ones down so you can take note of them if you wish. For more, visit the original thread at http://tinyurl.com/2zmswz

Generation One
- must be of Family aspiration;
- wear a traditional-looking dress (CC is allowed);
- must keep hair up
- must remain unemployed (including in businesses), but is allowed to add money through a) breeding pets or b) tending to a garden;
- cannot own or run a community lot or business;
- cannot venture into any neighborhood other than the one where she lives (not DownTown or Shopping);
- cannot have an affair of any sort;
- cannot have child out of marriage;
- cannot get divorce (can only Move Out to break up).
Player Suggestions
- only ever use Try For a Baby (no WooHoo option mimics no contraception);
- must do all the housework and child-rearing;
- can only have female friends.

Generation Two
- must wear traditional clothing and keep hair up;
- can be Family or Popularity aspiration;
- may work in Criminal, Culinary, Education or Slacker track;
- can run business/community lot, but not own it (husband/other male must);
- may not attend University;
- must marry a male and take his name (if NPC/Townie, ask to move in and he proposes marriage);
- must move into his house (or, if he is an NPC/Townie, must both move out);
- can have heterosexual affair;
- male must have better job than her (use own judgment as to what is 'better');
- must quit working when she has her first child;
- can go to DownTown or Shopping Neighborhood, if asked by a male.
- may have a male-instigated divorce.
Player Suggestions
- can hire help around the home (Maid, Nanny, Gardener, etc);
- can host social parties.

Generation Three
- can begin wearing plain trousers and knee-length skirts, but not jeans, decorated trousers, short skirts or untraditional tops;
- must still keep hair up;
- can be Family, Popularity or Wealth;
- may get job in Athletic, Criminal, Culinary, Education, Journalism, Music, Politics or Slacker tracks;
- can own a business/community lot;
- must marry male and take his name (if NPC/Townie, ask to move in and he proposes marriage);
- must move into his house (or, if he is an NPC/Townie, must both move out);
- male must have a better job than her (again, use judgment as to what is 'better');
- may keep her job when she is married, but cannot get promotions (if qualified for one already, cannot try to qualify herself for any more promotions);
- can go to DownTown or Shopping Neighborhood with a male accompaniment (she can ask him);
- can instigate divorce, but he has to have house.
(Fini edit: She never said Gen 3 couldn't go to University, so I'm sending mine, but if she just happens to meet her perfect match: 2 or 3 bolt match, I'm having her drop out; women were in college around that time only to get married anyway)
Player Suggestions
- can have friends in either gender;
- cannot get a pension (i.e., cannot retire from job, only quit).

Generation Four
- can wear jeans, mid-thigh length skirts, but not decorated trousers or tops that show the stomach;
- can have hair down, but not elaborate;
- can be Family, Popularity, Wealth, Pleasure or Romance aspiration;
- may go to University and do Art, Drama, History or Literature majors;
- cannot drop out of her own choice, but must drop out if she gets put on academic probation;
- may get job in Adventurer, Artist, Athletic, Criminal, Culinary, Education, Journalism, Law, Military, Music, Paranormal, Politics, Science, Show Business or Slacker tracks;
- must marry/live with a male, but does not have to take his name;
- may have child out of marriage, but must be in stable relationship;
- can have homosexual affair;
- may continue living at her (parents') home after marriage, but must move out before she has children;
- both spouses can have equal jobs, but she cannot be 'better';
- can go to DownTown and Shopping Neighborhood accompanied by another sim (can be female now);
- can divorce male and kick him out of the house.
Player Suggestions
- can use WooHoo and Try For a Baby separately now;
- can retire and get a pension.

Generation Five
- may wear any clothing styles she wishes;
- may have her hair styled in way she wishes;
- can become any aspiration;
- must attend University (if you have the University EP - if not, ignore);
- can drop out at will;
- can use her second chance if she is put on academic probation;
- she can now go into any of the career tracks;
- may have better job than a male partner she may have;
- doesn't have to be in relationship leading to join with anyone (can be single throughout life);
- can be in a heterosexual or homosexual relationship;
- can adopt a child;
- may be single with a child (no need for relationship).
Player Suggestions
- is now completely free.

I used a simple points system in order to prevent getting players caught up in pedantic note-keeping throughout the challenge:
- allocate 500 points per generation (maximum number of points = 2500);
- deduct 10 points each time a generic rule is broken and 20 each time a generation-specific rule is broken;
- add up points at the end.
The closer you are to 2500, the better you did the challenge according to history.


Melissa said...

Thanks for posting the rules. Sounds like an intersting challenge. I MUST step out of my Prosperity box ... lol.

Anonymous said...

Fin Fin, I'm now starting to worry about your sanity, lol. That sounds interesting though. I'll have to go back and read the other's later on.