Sunday, May 13, 2007

Meet the Heiress

We return to Rosemary and Roger to get updated on their progress. So what about that second child?

It's a girl!
Perfect for the family. Now James has an extra responsibility: a little sister to protect. It'll make him appreciate his future wife even more, and value his own daughters.
Wow, you've planned far ahead, Roger.
Well, it's something every man has to think about once he has children.
I'll take your word for it. Let's take a look at Jane.

Hey, is that boy James?
Yes, it is.
Wow. He's grown into a fine boy.
Thank you. He looks just like Roger.
He has your nose.
Thank goodness for that.

He grew up quietly, in his room. I almost missed it.
Maybe you should've paid better attention honey.
*with teeth clenched* Yeah, the next time someone has a birthday while I'm cooking your dinner, I'll make sure to come upstairs immediately.
Now, now, there's no need for hostility.
Hostility? Who's being hostile?

There was an incident though, while you were pregnant. I was worried, Rosemary; we could've lost you.
Why, thank you.
What happened?
Well, I'd cooked some pork chops. While they were in the oven, I was cleaning the counter next to it. Either I started daydreaming or there's something wrong with that stove, because it caught fire. I called the fire department, but it was a rather close call, too close for comfort.

Oh honey, I had no idea.
Of course you didn't. You were at work.

Looks like James spends most of his time with his father now. *mutters* Ungrateful brat.

James: Who's that, Dad?
Oh, that's...actually, that's a good question. Who are you?
Oh me? Just call me Infinity. I'm your, overseer, if you will. Gotta make sure all of you are following the rules.
James: What rules?
You don't have to worry about rules, they don't apply to you. Just Rosemary, and now Jane, but she won't be feeling the rules until she reaches Child, and that should be soon, since she's growing up to Toddler right about... now.

Oh, she's adorable!
Isn't she?
Wow. My little girl.
James: Can I go to bed now?
*shakes head* Just like a boy.

You look happy Rosemary.
I actually taught Jane two skills! I taught her to potty train and talk!
Congratulations. What about teaching her how to walk?
I ran out of time. Jane's now a Child.

Okay. Jane is now officially the second generation. She will live under a slightly different set of rules than you, Rosemary.
Only slightly?
Well, I guess it depends on how you view "slightly."
Explaining the new rules to me might help me decide if it's really "slightly."
Well, they're not really new in the sense you're thinking. She has the choice of one more aspiration, she can get a job, she can run a business, she can go downtown or to the shopping district if asked by a male, she can hire household help, she can throw parties, she can divorce her husband or have an affair with another man, yeah, that isn't slightly, is it?
Well, other than that, rules are the same, meaning that as much as I like her hair, it's unacceptable.

Jane: Hey! Miss Person! Will this work?
Yes, that's just fine, Jane. Call me Infinity.
Jane: Infinini-wha?
Just call me Fini.
No daughter of mine was going to wear a jumper as short as the one she had on. I went out and got that myself.
Yeah, about that...

Care to explain this? That isn't Rosemary by any stretch of the imagination.
Oh, well that's innocent chit-chat. Besides, I'd seen her hanging around outside our house before. I wanted to see who she was.
I don't buy it, but for Rosemary's sake, I'll trust you. But know this. I'm keeping an eye on you, Buster.
Got it.
And just when you and she had started to reconnect...

So we leave the Wellingtons, Roger and Rosemary, with two young children, Roger with a recent promotion to Sous Chef, and Rosemary back to a full night of sleep.

Maybe, just maybe, Roger's smart enough to try to avoid divine retribution, but you never know with men. Next time, you'll be able to meet Jane's future husband. Till then!


ruby said...

Yeah its a girl! Goodness, you already have a husband picked out for her? You work fast! Heh
Uh huh, he was shopping for what exactly.. tsk tsk, such a man.
wow Jane doesn't have nearly as many restrictions on her.. life should be much easier for her.. of course she has to survive her childhood and teenage years!

Twoyys4me said...

Congrats on getting a girl. Jane grew up well and it does sound like she's in for a slightly easier life than her mum. :)

Sally said...

Yey - a girl! I had to deal with 3 boy babys before I finally got the longed for girl. Well done! So, I wonder who Jane is going to marry? I'm looking forward to the next chapter ;-)

Kerry said...

Ohhh, Roger is being a twit! "Maybe you should pay a little more attention..." "no daughter of mine..." And then talking about woohoo with Ivy!

You are making him way too real :) I am longing to smack him. All the best to Jane!

ASimWen said...

Awww how cute~

Jane: Hey! Miss Person! Will this work?
Yes, that's just fine, Jane. Call me Infinity.
Jane: Infinini-wha?
Just call me Fini.

Sounds like Jane has no problems at all!

Shaunna said...

I'm with Kerry *gets in line to give Roger a good smack*.

Interesting how many restricitons are lifted. Really enjoying following your challenge!

Rachel said...

Hurray for little Jane! Can't wait to read more