Friday, May 18, 2007

They Grow Up So Fast

Let's check in with Rosemary and the family.

Rosemary, you've got to move. I need to practice.
*strained happy voice* I would move if I didn't have to re-tune it, again. Are you volunteering?
Then I guess you're waiting.
Rosemary, you've really got to tone down the hostility.
Hostility? I haven't been hostile to you. You want to see hostility?
No, Rosemary. I'd like you to not be as stressed as you are.
I'm sorry, I'm just tired of being a single parent.

Jane, have you done your homework yet?
Not yet, Mom, I'll do it later.
Jane, go do your homework.
I can't concentrate. I need some fun!
Hey, no banging on the piano for you today. I need to practice.
Okay everyone, calm down. Jane, you'll have to find something else to do. Roger, you can't play if I can't re-tune the piano. James, have you done your homework yet?
Okay. At least someone's not wasting time.

Wow, I'm big now.
What? Oh my god, I can't believe I missed your birthday!
It's okay, Mom. Don't worry about it.
I'm sorry too, son.
Just like I told Mom, it's okay Dad.
So what do you want to do with your life, son?
Whoa Roger! Isn't it a bit early to be talking like that?
It's okay, I already know. I couldn't have asked for a better family; such a hard-working father, caring mother and fun little sister. I want to raise a family just like this one.
That's so sweet. Just between you and me, James, you should learn to cook.
Why's that?
Any family you end up in will be different from this one. Vastly different.
Looking good!
Well, at least it's not that hideous sock and sandal combo.
I can't believe my eyes! Is that Rosita Green, number six of the Toddlermania 7?
I don't know what you're talking about, but she looks like a wanton hussy. She's getting out of my house.
That's probably for the best. She is a romance Sim. Too bad James has already decided he likes her.
Oh well, James is a good kid. Things will work out. We've got bigger things to attend to. Look who's growing up!

Congratulations Jane, you are now a teen. Whoa, looks you already realize it. Oh, you like Daniel Green, huh?
Well, I think I can help with that. Time to say goodbye for now. You're about to pass out.
Wait a minute, wait a minute! That's no way to say goodbye to a friend!

Rosemary, please don't kill her. Don't tell Roger either, he'll really kill her.
Hey look Fini! I remembered to change.
Looks good on you, Jane. But we've really got to talk about your behavior with Daniel...
Oh look at the time! Gotta go to bed, school in the morning and all. Good night!

So we leave the Wellingtons with two teens, one of which is quite a hot mama, a frustrated Rosemary, and a mysteriously missing Roger. Probably trying to stay as far away from Rosemary as possible. Good luck with that.

NOTE: After this entry, new posts will be coming along more slowly, as I'll be interning once I get home from school for the summer, and I'll have another internship in the fall. So expect the next update sometime in the next two weeks.


ASimWen said...

Yay! ROW Comin' right along. :) Good looking kids.

Twoyys4me said...

wow.. looks like the teens are ready to rebel! They never make it easy do they?!
great update.

Sally said...

"Wow, I'm big now."

That made me laugh - one moment a kid and the next moment... tada.. a fully grown teen!

Good luck to Jane, I hope she enjoys more freedom than her Mom.

Kerry said...

I think that Rosemary's going to have her hands full with Jane! And Roger does seem to be AWOL right now--I wonder what's up?

Infinity-Nevermore said...

Copying ruby's comment:
ruby said...
he kids look great and isn't James the sweetest? he was totally okay with his parents missing his bday.. aww, big hugs for that kid

Shaunna said...

Oy poor Rosemary...but I guess that is the way of the ROW challenge.

*zooms off to get caught up*