Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Emptying the Nest

Let's get back to Rosemary and...wait a minute, you're home Roger?
And you're not on the phone or banging away at the piano?
You're just sitting there with your wife?

I'm sorry, I'm just shocked.
Well, I got that final promotion. I'm now a celebrity chef. Who knew that people would pay so much just to watch you cook?
And yet you can't cook at home. Really lady, you screwed me over something awful.
Rosemary, you shouldn't use that kind of language around the children.

Well, it looks like Rosita Green came back around.
And I put her out again. That floozy woman is not getting her claws into my only son.
*giggle* Well, anyways what have you been up to on all your time off, Roger?

I tried to teach Jane how to use the candy machine, and she ended up spilling hot chocolate all over the floor. Really, women and machinery don't mix.

Where are you off to Jane?
My first job. Don't tell Dad, I don't think he'd be happy.
You got a job?
Yep, in education. I want to change education as we all know it. I mean, I could do so much for the bored masses sitting in school, learning nothing. I'm so excited!
That's nice, Jane. You'd better work quickly to reach the top.
Uh, we'll talk about that once you get back.

Jane? What's wrong?
I was fired! My first day! Stupid bullies. How was I supposed to know that being nice to bullies would get everyone wedgied? *cries*
I'm sorry Jane. Maybe you should forget about that job.
Why? I still want to work my way up. Once I get into the classroom, I'll be fine.
Uh...we'll talk once you cheer yourself up.

Roger, what are you doing?

I've never seen her sleeping so peacefully. Well, after we had kids.
True. She did all the work while you went to work. You should do something nice for her later on. You know, show your appreciation.

You know, the sky's the limit, Dad. I could be an astronaut!
Absolutely not. When you go to University, you're going to take up something reasonable, and you're going to graduate and get a reasonable job. Find yourself a nice girl, and get married.

Thanks for not telling Dad, Mom.
No problem sweetie. There's no reason you shouldn't follow your dreams.
So as I've explained, it's fine that I didn't keep the job. When I get back from University and impress them with my degree, they'll just have to hire me, and I'll get to the top of the field in no time.
What's wrong Mom?
I see Rosemary isn't going to tell you. Jane, you cannot go to University.
WHY NOT?! All my friends are going. Even James is going through college applications, and he's a bum.
Just because he doesn't have a career he wants to top doesn't mean he's a bum. Yes, he's filling out college applications and he'll probably be going to Sim State. But you won't.
But why can James go and not me?
You aren't allowed. You're only generation two.
...What? What does that mean? What does that have to do with me and University?
Methinks I might have said too much. The point is, no University for you young lady.
That's not fair.
Life isn't fair, and the way women have been treated is not fair. Think of this as a way to appreciate the rights women have today.
That has nothing to do with me, since apparently, I can't enjoy them myself!
*sigh* I didn't realize she had such a mouth.

Ah, James, my favorite (quiet) boy. Thinking about scholarships?

Yep, I got four. Or was it five? Anyway, I got enough that I can live in private housing. Perfect for me. All I need is my Annette.
Look, I kept your secret that you and she were dating, but you do realize you're going to have to tell your parents sometime? Preferably before the wedding?
Yeah, I will, after I get to Sim State. I gotta see if she found anyone else. It would break my heart, but I want her to be happy.
Aww, how sweet.
Anyway, gotta go.
Wait, where are you going?
Sim State.
But it's midnight!
All the better. Mom and Dad are asleep, so I don't have to get The Speech again.
They're not going to be happy. And they're probably going to wake up.

What did I say?
I can't believe he just left like that, without even saying goodbye.
It's okay Rosemary, he'll be back. He is the heir, after all.

So we leave the Wellingtons one short, with James gone to Sim State University. Roger and Rosemary apparently in the throes of wedded bliss, and Jane irate at me for ruining her plans. She'll get over it when Daniel graduates. I hope.

Odd Pics Out:
Pics I really wanted to use, but just couldn't fit in.

Really Roger, a teen?!
Char-broiled Flora Green. I could've told her to quit waiting for someone to talk to her during a thunderstorm. I'm amazed lightning didn't hit anyone else.


QueenofSimtopia said...

You said that James is the heir didn't you? I thought that the daughters were always the heirs in this challenge.

Anyway, that was a great update! I am really looking forward to reading more.

Infinity-Nevermore said...

Well, he is the heir to the house. Of course Jane is the heir to the challenge, but she'll be moving out once her hubby-to-be graduates.

Twoyys4me said...

Poor Jane- that sucks that she can't go to Uni.. oh well- she'll get over it hopefully and her life won't be quite so drudgy as her Mum's. :)
I liked the pic of the chargrilled Sim. lol

ASimWen said...

Ah. I love the update. I am with queen....James is the heir??? I thought it was the girls too... *I'm So Confused!*

ruby said...

Ah she will ... okay I get the heir thing, clever girl.. I like the way you did that.. Poor Jane... she will need to make sure and raise her daughter well and make things better for the generations to come.
It is about time that so and so hubby Roger appreciated his wife! *g*

Kerry said...

That makes sense, that the house is inherited through the male line, and the challenge moves through the female line. Good idea. I enjoyed the update!

Anonymous said...

I love the conversational tone of this blog! I can't wait for the next update!


Sally said...

Poor Jane - fired and no uni to look forward to. I hope she finds a nice husband and does well in her career before fulfilling her wifely duties! I wonder if you'll carry on playing the original house after Jane moves? I've been trying to decide the same thing for my RoW challenge.

Rachel said...

Poor Jane isn't taking the news of her not going to University very well. Poor girl, but hey, that's the whole point.

Shaunna said...

LOL Jane does have quite the mouth! She is a sharp one...too bad the challenge is so restrictive on her...tho I am sure it will make things kind of interesting as her lifetime plays out.