Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Emptying the Nest

Let's get back to Rosemary and...wait a minute, you're home Roger?
And you're not on the phone or banging away at the piano?
You're just sitting there with your wife?

I'm sorry, I'm just shocked.
Well, I got that final promotion. I'm now a celebrity chef. Who knew that people would pay so much just to watch you cook?
And yet you can't cook at home. Really lady, you screwed me over something awful.
Rosemary, you shouldn't use that kind of language around the children.

Well, it looks like Rosita Green came back around.
And I put her out again. That floozy woman is not getting her claws into my only son.
*giggle* Well, anyways what have you been up to on all your time off, Roger?

I tried to teach Jane how to use the candy machine, and she ended up spilling hot chocolate all over the floor. Really, women and machinery don't mix.

Where are you off to Jane?
My first job. Don't tell Dad, I don't think he'd be happy.
You got a job?
Yep, in education. I want to change education as we all know it. I mean, I could do so much for the bored masses sitting in school, learning nothing. I'm so excited!
That's nice, Jane. You'd better work quickly to reach the top.
Uh, we'll talk about that once you get back.

Jane? What's wrong?
I was fired! My first day! Stupid bullies. How was I supposed to know that being nice to bullies would get everyone wedgied? *cries*
I'm sorry Jane. Maybe you should forget about that job.
Why? I still want to work my way up. Once I get into the classroom, I'll be fine.
Uh...we'll talk once you cheer yourself up.

Roger, what are you doing?

I've never seen her sleeping so peacefully. Well, after we had kids.
True. She did all the work while you went to work. You should do something nice for her later on. You know, show your appreciation.

You know, the sky's the limit, Dad. I could be an astronaut!
Absolutely not. When you go to University, you're going to take up something reasonable, and you're going to graduate and get a reasonable job. Find yourself a nice girl, and get married.

Thanks for not telling Dad, Mom.
No problem sweetie. There's no reason you shouldn't follow your dreams.
So as I've explained, it's fine that I didn't keep the job. When I get back from University and impress them with my degree, they'll just have to hire me, and I'll get to the top of the field in no time.
What's wrong Mom?
I see Rosemary isn't going to tell you. Jane, you cannot go to University.
WHY NOT?! All my friends are going. Even James is going through college applications, and he's a bum.
Just because he doesn't have a career he wants to top doesn't mean he's a bum. Yes, he's filling out college applications and he'll probably be going to Sim State. But you won't.
But why can James go and not me?
You aren't allowed. You're only generation two.
...What? What does that mean? What does that have to do with me and University?
Methinks I might have said too much. The point is, no University for you young lady.
That's not fair.
Life isn't fair, and the way women have been treated is not fair. Think of this as a way to appreciate the rights women have today.
That has nothing to do with me, since apparently, I can't enjoy them myself!
*sigh* I didn't realize she had such a mouth.

Ah, James, my favorite (quiet) boy. Thinking about scholarships?

Yep, I got four. Or was it five? Anyway, I got enough that I can live in private housing. Perfect for me. All I need is my Annette.
Look, I kept your secret that you and she were dating, but you do realize you're going to have to tell your parents sometime? Preferably before the wedding?
Yeah, I will, after I get to Sim State. I gotta see if she found anyone else. It would break my heart, but I want her to be happy.
Aww, how sweet.
Anyway, gotta go.
Wait, where are you going?
Sim State.
But it's midnight!
All the better. Mom and Dad are asleep, so I don't have to get The Speech again.
They're not going to be happy. And they're probably going to wake up.

What did I say?
I can't believe he just left like that, without even saying goodbye.
It's okay Rosemary, he'll be back. He is the heir, after all.

So we leave the Wellingtons one short, with James gone to Sim State University. Roger and Rosemary apparently in the throes of wedded bliss, and Jane irate at me for ruining her plans. She'll get over it when Daniel graduates. I hope.

Odd Pics Out:
Pics I really wanted to use, but just couldn't fit in.

Really Roger, a teen?!
Char-broiled Flora Green. I could've told her to quit waiting for someone to talk to her during a thunderstorm. I'm amazed lightning didn't hit anyone else.

Friday, May 18, 2007

They Grow Up So Fast

Let's check in with Rosemary and the family.

Rosemary, you've got to move. I need to practice.
*strained happy voice* I would move if I didn't have to re-tune it, again. Are you volunteering?
Then I guess you're waiting.
Rosemary, you've really got to tone down the hostility.
Hostility? I haven't been hostile to you. You want to see hostility?
No, Rosemary. I'd like you to not be as stressed as you are.
I'm sorry, I'm just tired of being a single parent.

Jane, have you done your homework yet?
Not yet, Mom, I'll do it later.
Jane, go do your homework.
I can't concentrate. I need some fun!
Hey, no banging on the piano for you today. I need to practice.
Okay everyone, calm down. Jane, you'll have to find something else to do. Roger, you can't play if I can't re-tune the piano. James, have you done your homework yet?
Okay. At least someone's not wasting time.

Wow, I'm big now.
What? Oh my god, I can't believe I missed your birthday!
It's okay, Mom. Don't worry about it.
I'm sorry too, son.
Just like I told Mom, it's okay Dad.
So what do you want to do with your life, son?
Whoa Roger! Isn't it a bit early to be talking like that?
It's okay, I already know. I couldn't have asked for a better family; such a hard-working father, caring mother and fun little sister. I want to raise a family just like this one.
That's so sweet. Just between you and me, James, you should learn to cook.
Why's that?
Any family you end up in will be different from this one. Vastly different.
Looking good!
Well, at least it's not that hideous sock and sandal combo.
I can't believe my eyes! Is that Rosita Green, number six of the Toddlermania 7?
I don't know what you're talking about, but she looks like a wanton hussy. She's getting out of my house.
That's probably for the best. She is a romance Sim. Too bad James has already decided he likes her.
Oh well, James is a good kid. Things will work out. We've got bigger things to attend to. Look who's growing up!

Congratulations Jane, you are now a teen. Whoa, looks you already realize it. Oh, you like Daniel Green, huh?
Well, I think I can help with that. Time to say goodbye for now. You're about to pass out.
Wait a minute, wait a minute! That's no way to say goodbye to a friend!

Rosemary, please don't kill her. Don't tell Roger either, he'll really kill her.
Hey look Fini! I remembered to change.
Looks good on you, Jane. But we've really got to talk about your behavior with Daniel...
Oh look at the time! Gotta go to bed, school in the morning and all. Good night!

So we leave the Wellingtons with two teens, one of which is quite a hot mama, a frustrated Rosemary, and a mysteriously missing Roger. Probably trying to stay as far away from Rosemary as possible. Good luck with that.

NOTE: After this entry, new posts will be coming along more slowly, as I'll be interning once I get home from school for the summer, and I'll have another internship in the fall. So expect the next update sometime in the next two weeks.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Meet the Heiress

We return to Rosemary and Roger to get updated on their progress. So what about that second child?

It's a girl!
Perfect for the family. Now James has an extra responsibility: a little sister to protect. It'll make him appreciate his future wife even more, and value his own daughters.
Wow, you've planned far ahead, Roger.
Well, it's something every man has to think about once he has children.
I'll take your word for it. Let's take a look at Jane.

Hey, is that boy James?
Yes, it is.
Wow. He's grown into a fine boy.
Thank you. He looks just like Roger.
He has your nose.
Thank goodness for that.

He grew up quietly, in his room. I almost missed it.
Maybe you should've paid better attention honey.
*with teeth clenched* Yeah, the next time someone has a birthday while I'm cooking your dinner, I'll make sure to come upstairs immediately.
Now, now, there's no need for hostility.
Hostility? Who's being hostile?

There was an incident though, while you were pregnant. I was worried, Rosemary; we could've lost you.
Why, thank you.
What happened?
Well, I'd cooked some pork chops. While they were in the oven, I was cleaning the counter next to it. Either I started daydreaming or there's something wrong with that stove, because it caught fire. I called the fire department, but it was a rather close call, too close for comfort.

Oh honey, I had no idea.
Of course you didn't. You were at work.

Looks like James spends most of his time with his father now. *mutters* Ungrateful brat.

James: Who's that, Dad?
Oh, that's...actually, that's a good question. Who are you?
Oh me? Just call me Infinity. I'm your, overseer, if you will. Gotta make sure all of you are following the rules.
James: What rules?
You don't have to worry about rules, they don't apply to you. Just Rosemary, and now Jane, but she won't be feeling the rules until she reaches Child, and that should be soon, since she's growing up to Toddler right about... now.

Oh, she's adorable!
Isn't she?
Wow. My little girl.
James: Can I go to bed now?
*shakes head* Just like a boy.

You look happy Rosemary.
I actually taught Jane two skills! I taught her to potty train and talk!
Congratulations. What about teaching her how to walk?
I ran out of time. Jane's now a Child.

Okay. Jane is now officially the second generation. She will live under a slightly different set of rules than you, Rosemary.
Only slightly?
Well, I guess it depends on how you view "slightly."
Explaining the new rules to me might help me decide if it's really "slightly."
Well, they're not really new in the sense you're thinking. She has the choice of one more aspiration, she can get a job, she can run a business, she can go downtown or to the shopping district if asked by a male, she can hire household help, she can throw parties, she can divorce her husband or have an affair with another man, yeah, that isn't slightly, is it?
Well, other than that, rules are the same, meaning that as much as I like her hair, it's unacceptable.

Jane: Hey! Miss Person! Will this work?
Yes, that's just fine, Jane. Call me Infinity.
Jane: Infinini-wha?
Just call me Fini.
No daughter of mine was going to wear a jumper as short as the one she had on. I went out and got that myself.
Yeah, about that...

Care to explain this? That isn't Rosemary by any stretch of the imagination.
Oh, well that's innocent chit-chat. Besides, I'd seen her hanging around outside our house before. I wanted to see who she was.
I don't buy it, but for Rosemary's sake, I'll trust you. But know this. I'm keeping an eye on you, Buster.
Got it.
And just when you and she had started to reconnect...

So we leave the Wellingtons, Roger and Rosemary, with two young children, Roger with a recent promotion to Sous Chef, and Rosemary back to a full night of sleep.

Maybe, just maybe, Roger's smart enough to try to avoid divine retribution, but you never know with men. Next time, you'll be able to meet Jane's future husband. Till then!

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Working Toward Generation 2

If you see something similar to a much more experienced blogger, they inspired me, but since I'm not copying and pasting their story into my blog, I don't see much of a problem. Now, on to my very patient couple waiting for introductions. This is Roger Wellington, and his lovely wife, Rosemary.

They recently came into a rather large inheritance from Roger's great-uncle. With that, the couple bought a pretty country cottage to raise their family. Yeah, kids were a given.

Roger: Yeah, I'd love to see some little Rogers running around the place. That'd be the best, right, Rosemary?
Rosemary smiles sweetly and nods her head slowly so her deceptively sturdy looking hairstyle wouldn't fall out again, though she thought, "I wouldn't mind a girl myself."

Okay, time to go inside. Roger, pick up the paper. You need to find a job.
Roger: No problem.
Rosemary: What about me?
Well, you need to get a cooking skill point or two, so you can cook filling, nutritious meals for your family.
Rosemary: Well, actually, I was referring to a job.
Oh, you don't work.
Rosemary: But I am worried about the amount of money coming in. I should get a job so we can be a bit more financially secure before starting a family.
I totally understand your concerns. But it is improper for a woman to work outside the home. So you will be staying home.
Rosemary: Wait, did time reverse itself by about seventy-five years? Are you saying I can't work?
I am saying you cannot hold a traditional job. However, you can have a garden, and make money by selling the food you grow.
Roger: This is best. She is right you know. Besides, you won't have any time to work between the kids and the housework.
Rosemary: I should have about the same amount of time as you if we're sharing the responsibilities.
Roger: But we are, honey. I'm going to work five days a week, and you're talking care of our home.
Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, you do all the housework too.
Rosemary is quiet, glaring daggers at her husband, since she can't see me.
Don't worry Rosemary, you'll get used to it.

Well, it's not like she had much of a choice. Roger got a job as an ambassador's intern. He needed to leave around 8 and he woke up at 6. Since Rosemary wasn't going anywhere, naturally she would be making the meals. When he left, she cleaned everything and cooked some more. While he was gone, she studied cooking and cleaning. He got back feeling in the mood to give his wife some special attention. While she wasn't so inclined, it was obvious that her desires weren't coming into the heads of either her husband or the dreadful woman who started talking to them when they arrived. So she just set her teeth and got it over with.

Congratulations Rosemary, you're going to have a baby!
Rosemary: That's wonderful. But how do you know?
Trust me.
Roger is fast asleep, so he'll get the news later.

The rest of that night was uneventful. But the next day kicked into high gear early on.

There was no doubt now that another Wellington was on the way. Rosemary started cooking a lot, so she wouldn't have to take the time to cook later on when her hormones went for a loop later that day.

The pregnancy was normal: three days of bloating, hunger, fatigue, hell. But as far as both parents are concerned, it was worth it for the beautiful baby boy.

Meet James Wellington.

Cutie, isn't he?
Roger: Forget cute. He's going to be the toast of the town when he grows up. He's gonna make some woman very happy.
Rosemary: *smiles* He's just perfect.

James was a good baby, even though he had a penchant for waking his mother up too early. It was fine though: Rosemary was only too happy to take care of him.

Although there were times that Rosemary wasn't too happy, for example, when James threw up on her.

But no matter, because now James has grown up to a toddler! I know you're happy, aren't you Rosemary?
Rosemary: I am. Now we can teach him how to walk, talk, and use a toilet!
Uh, actually, you'll be doing all of that.
Rosemary: *forced smile* I can't believe this.
Roger: Whew! That's my Rosemary. A born mother.
Better you than me. Let get a look at James.

Once James grew up, Roger missed seeing someone in the crib across the hall. So he and Rosemary had another roll in the hay.

Roger got up and went to his new job as a drive-through clerk, while Rosemary got up and got the sign she was waiting for. A trip to the bathroom. Another baby was on the way. Until then, James needed attending to.

Rosemary: Is something wrong with James? He doesn't seem to learn how to use the toilet quickly.
Oh, that's gonna take a while. At least James loves you.
Rosemary: Just my luck.

And we leave the house with Rosemary pregnant with her second child, Roger promoted to Host, and James with four charisma points, but no skills learned. Oh well. We'll work on that next time.